How to Help / Donate, Where your Money Will Go

If you would like to help Joe and been inspired by his journey you can donate in the following ways.

By cheque                                                                                           By Direct Bank Transfer

Made payable to: ‘Friends of Joedy Memorial Hospital’                   Account Number: 73038968

Sent to: Carol Wynn – Joedy Campaign                                              Sort Code: 77-63-16

33 Clarks Lane,                                                                                    Bank: Lloyds TSB

Halstead,                                                                                              SWIFT: To follow shortly

Kent,                                                                                                     IBAN: To follow shortly

TN14 7DG

Donating from the USA? Click the following link –

Where will your money go?

Here are just a few examples of where your donation can help Joedy Memorial Hospital: 

  • £1 will pay the registration fee at the hospital for a patient for 1 year
  • £2 will pay for a short course of antibiotics
  • £5 will pay for a mosquito net to protect a child or pregnant mother
  • £20 will feed a patient for a week
  • £25 will fund the generator for a day
  • £35 will pay the wages for 1 month for a secretary, a cleaner (4) or a security guard (2) for 1 month
  • £50 will pay the wages of an admin assistant for a month
  • £65 will pay the wages of a nurse or the ambulance driver for 1 month (they need 8 nurses)
  • £125 will pay the wages of the Matron for one month
  • £500 will pay the salary of 1 doctor for 1 month (they need a minimum of 2)

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