Where is Joe now? / Where is Joe soon?

The Planned Route (Planned Destination each day) – Check the blog for changes to Joe’s plans due to miscalculated miles and the effects of super hills!!!

Last few Days of the Journey

Day 42 – 9/5/13                 Glengairn Church (Grantown on Spey) to  Tomatin 

Day 43 – 10/5/13           Tomatin to Carrbridge 

Day 44 – 11/5/13              Carrbridge to Inverness 

Day 45 – 12/5/13              Inverness to Alness 

Day 46 – 13/5/13              Alness to Golspie 

Day 47 – 14/5/13              Golspie to Helmsdale 

Day 48 – 15/5/13              Helmsdale to Dunbeath 

Day 49 – 16/5/13              Dunbeath to Wick 

Day 50 – 17/5/13              Wick to John O’ Groats

Maybe go for a Jog with Joe…….Shout encouragement at him…………..Or give him a bed for the night if he is near you

£1 will pay the registration fee at the hospital for a villager

£2 will pay for a short course of antibiotics

£5 will pay for a mosquito net to protect a child or pregnant mother


2 thoughts on “Where is Joe now? / Where is Joe soon?

  1. clare kean

    Was lovely having you here for the night Joe, Good luck with the rest of your journey!!
    Clare Kean

  2. Louise

    Joe, you seem amazing! I want to help. I have a spare bedroom near Thurso, where you are welcome to recover from finishing your run, I can meet you in John O’Groats, or I can join you for the final (gulp – I’m such a running wimp, you put me to shame!) couple of miles?


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